Our latest insights on innovation funding and UK tech

GrantTree Funding Barometer: September 2021

GrantTree’s funding barometer is a monthly analysis of the financial opportunities available to UK innovators. Download your copy below. Presenting the new and improved GrantTree...

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Entrepreneur shaking on an investment deal. Image for GrantTree's blog on R&D Tax Credits and investment

How Outside Investment Impacts Your R&D Tax Credits Claim

Securing outside investment can be a major turning point for your company. But it could also have a significant impact on your R&D Tax Credits...

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GrantTree’s Grant Watch – September 2021

Welcome to Grant Watch, a monthly look at some of the most exciting grant funding opportunities open to UK innovators. September, as they say, has...

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Two engineers using a CAD programme. Part of GrantTree's blog on which companies are eligible for R&D Tax Credits

R&D Tax Credits: Is My Company Eligible?

Wondering whether you’re eligible for R&D Tax Credits? GrantTree’s experts are here to help.  If you’ve been keeping up with GrantTree’s blog, you’ve probably read...

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Two engineers looking at a device. Part of GrantTree's how does HMRC's definition of R&D blog.

R&D Tax Credits: HMRC’s Definition of R&D Explained

R&D Tax Credits are a great way to fund your development work. But what actually is HMRC’s definition of R&D? The answer is more complicated...

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5 Ingenious Solutions to Renewable Energy Storage

Before we can make the switch to renewable energy, we need to solve the problem of storage. Thankfully, these ingenious innovators are already on the...

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A group of software engineers working together in a room. Image for GrantTree's blog on claiming R&D Tax Credits for Subcontracted R&D

R&D Tax Credits: How to Claim for Subcontracted R&D

HMRC has specific rules on claiming R&D Tax Credits for subcontracted R&D. Here’s what you need to know.  Many companies choose to subcontract parts of...

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Business woman on her phone. SME or RDEC - which one should you apply to?

SME R&D Tax Relief or RDEC – Which one should I apply to?

R&D Tax Credits are made up of two schemes: SME R&D Tax Relief and RDEC. Here’s how to work out which one you should apply...

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Executive on the phone and by their computer. Image for the GrantTree blog about linked and partner enterprises

R&D Tax Credits: Linked and Partner Enterprises Explained

If your company has strong financial ties to other businesses, you may be classified as a linked or partner enterprise. This could have a significant...

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Young Engineer Stands by Robotic Arm. From the R&D Tax Credits: Everything You Need to Know blog

R&D Tax Credits: Everything You Need to Know

Everything you ever wanted to know about R&D Tax Credits, including what they are, which companies are eligible, and how much they could be worth...

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